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We tailor our multifaceted skills to uplift both new ventures and established enterprises. Let's unite, innovate, and pave the way for a brighter business future!

Manufacturing Consulting and Training Solutions for Small Business
Welcome to a hub of business brilliance!


Meet Edward Caceres, the visionary bilingual advisor, shaping concepts into flourishing enterprises. With prowess in business plans, marketing, and finance, he ensures triumph using cutting-edge technologies.

Experience the innovation of Michael Rogers, a problem-solving veteran, transforming industries for over 30 years across 20+ sectors. His groundbreaking AI and machine learning solutions, acknowledged by a US patent, signify his unwavering commitment to progress.

Benefit from the wisdom of Michael Mastroianni, an accomplished educator and healthcare leader, versed in conflict resolution, leadership, and strategic planning. His background in HR and industry elevates businesses to new heights.

Together, this dynamic team is your gateway to success. We tailor our multifaceted skills to uplift both new ventures and established enterprises. 

Trainings & special services we provide:

Six Sigma Training

We provide comprehensive Six Sigma services to assist businesses in solving complex problems and achieving success. This training is designed to enhance productivity, decrease rework time, and minimize waste.

Manufacturing Consulting

We offer onsite manufacturing consulting services tailored to small and medium businesses. With decades of experience, we provide expert guidance and support.

3D Printing Training

We can assist in enhancing your production operations by providing training for you and your team on how to incorporate additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology into your workflow. This training aims to increase productivity, reduce rework time, and minimize waste.

AI and Online Tools

We provide onsite manufacturing consulting services to small and medium businesses

Meet The Organizational Training Team

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Edward Caceres

Meet Edward Caceres, your dedicated bilingual advisor (English & Spanish) specializing in transforming entrepreneurs' ideas into thriving businesses. With expertise in business plans, marketing strategies, and financial education, Edward will help you secure financing and establish strong foundations for long-term success. Let Edward work with you to bring your business to life, leveraging the latest technologies for sustainable growth.

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Meet Mike Rogers, a seasoned problem solver in business, engineering, and research & development. With 30+ years of experience spanning 20+ industries and expertise in 12+ programming languages, he has revolutionized solutions using AI and machine learning. Mike holds a US patent for a groundbreaking AI learning technology, showcasing his innovation in tackling complex computational challenges. His diverse roles, from computer scientist to project manager, reflect his versatile skill set and commitment to ongoing innovation.

Michael Rogers

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Michael Mastroianni: Educator, healthcare administrator, and business owner. Former Rock Valley College president and Boylan High School graduate. Experienced in teaching at various levels, musician, and consultant at CRYSAND ASSOCIATES. Expert in mediation, conflict resolution, leadership training, and strategic planning. Accomplished author and HR professional with a background in healthcare and industry.

Michael Mastroianni

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